Manifest Wealth By Attracting Your Dream Job


Manifest Wealth By Attracting Your Dream Job

The importance of enjoying your work can never be understated. Your work is what dominates the largest percentage of your time, especially if you work for someone else, which most of us do. To fill that large percentage of your life with unpleasantness is to rob yourself of a large part of your happiness.  Let’s discuss how to manifest wealth through your dream job using the Law of Attraction.

First and foremost to manifest wealth you need to decide what your ideal job would be, it is important not to get stuck thinking inside the box. Your ideal work may not be a day job at all!  It may not involve working for anyone, even your self, for eight hours every day.  Remain open to the possibility of total self employment with only a few hours each week invested.   This is possible!

Begin by defining what you believe would be your ideal job.  This can have something to do with your current job, or nothing at all to do with it.  It can even be something that you can’t imagine making any money at.  The important thing is to think of something you have a passion for and would love to spend large chunks of your time doing.  This can be a hobby, passion, interest, or anything that you love to do.

Even if you don’t come up with something, keep in mind those things you enjoy doing. Perhaps an amalgamation of your hobbies could create a job you hadn’t even thought of. The important thing is to get a sense of what you enjoy. Then begin working with visualization sessions to manifest the job you desire.

This may be a bit difficult, as your ideas may be a bit vague. So try to visualize yourself happy, doing those things that you love, and completely financially secure. As you are doing these exercises each day, begin to keep your ears open. Somewhere down the line, an opportunity is going to present itself to you. This will be the opportunity you have manifested.

This opportunity may or may not be the final job you will be doing, but it will at least be a step along the way. Go with your gut instinct, and be ready to deal with some insecurity over whether or not you will be financially stable at first. It is very common for these things to start out seeming like unlikely jobs. Remember that this is the job you have manifested, and that the universe has heard your need for financial security.

Be willing to take action when the opportunity presents itself, and you will never look back. This may be a new true job, or it may be something you feel the need to do by yourself or even collaborate on during your spare time.

Trust that the money will begin flowing in as you do what you love, and it will. Eventually you will be able to terminate your day job if you do not enjoy it and move entirely into doing what you want.

This is the manifestation of your dream job. And always keep in mind – you can change your mind, visualize, and attract something new whenever you want. Some people are happy doing one thing for their entire lives, and others need constant change.

Find what makes you happy, but do not persist when you no longer enjoy what you are doing. Just go through the steps of determining and attracting your next dream job, and enjoy it!  Only when you do what you love will you manifest wealth!

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2 Responses to “Manifest Wealth By Attracting Your Dream Job”
  1. Nina says:

    I wonder, – If I visualize that this book will all of a sudden be in my mailbox, without spending as much as a dime on it, – will that happen then? lol, nah, just kidding, ofc, u`d have to buy the book. Well, gues I`ll just have to visualize myself having the money to buy it then.


  2. sp says:

    ive been trying 2 get a job for a year usin LoA. was easy at the start 2 b excited about the job i want and ive imagined my desk enuf times i feel like i already have it. yet i stil dont have a job which is weird. ive got all the clothes id need 2 wear to work and shoes and bank account. i was excited and ready for my new job for a long, long time. so now its impossible to use gratitude to get a job. if i had a job i cud b grategul for it n attract a better job. but if im grateful for everythnig else i have. which wud b “all less a job”.. wudnt i just get more of “all less a job”? or wil gratitude pour into other areas that i want improving like health and job? and why hasnt it worked yet wen i was so into it for so long and convinced i had a job. i even got up early n got dressed for work n spent time on the comp looking for work, and wud take an hour “lunch break” in the middle of the day.

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