Manifesting Money Successfully With Universal Law of Attraction


Manifesting Money Successfully With Universal Law of Attraction

Manifesting money can be one of the trickiest things to successfully manifest using the universal law of attraction. When you think about it, what is money? It’s not paper or round metal objects. It’s not paper checks or balances on a computer screen.  Money is nothing more than an abstract medium of exchange.  The paper, coins, checks etc. merely represent this non physical medium.  Because of the abstract nature of money, the mind plays a very strong role in one’s ability to acquire, hold on to, and accumulate money.

Let’s look at why manifesting money can be so difficult and how to get around some of those problems.

Money is, for most of us, is nothing more than a means.  We don’t actually care about money.  We do not care about dollars and cents.  We care about that lovely house, that brand new car, or that killer computer system.  We care about our time, about our freedom, and about our hobbies.  But we do not actually care about the green pieces of paper that make that possible.

Ironically, many of us, upon learning about the universal law of attraction, immediately attempt to try attracting money into our lives.  This is not impossible to do, but there is a very high probability of failure.  This is due to the fact that we don’t really care about money itself.  If you don’t really care about money, it’s hard to muster up enough emotional energy to manifest the money.  Or you can, but it takes much longer and far more work than you set out to invest in it.

So how do you manifest money correctly?  The solution to make a list of all of the reasons that money is so important to you.  Financial freedom.  Freedom from debt. Freedom of time.  Freedom to have the things that we want.  A large mansion with a beautiful garden in the backyard.  A Ferrari.  Diamonds. Beautiful clothes.  Any of these are fantastic reasons to want money.

So here’s what you do.  Instead of visualizing money and attempting to attract money, you visualize freedom, cars, houses, etc.  Visualize the things that you really want, that only money can make possible.  If you manifest a new car, obviously the money has to be there, right?  So work on manifesting the car, and you will have loads of emotion, excitement, and energy to put into it.   The money will roll in as a means, and then you will manifest your car.

Focusing on the ends is vastly superior to focusing on the means.  The universe is a brilliant, organic, self-aware entity.  It can do literally anything.  When you leave the means to the universe, you never know how it’s going to happen, but you can rest assured that it is going to happen!

The biggest pit fall to manifesting money is that we try to manifest money.  Manifest the things that money can buy!  That will suck the money to you like crazy.  Attempt to manifest hundred dollar bills however, and you can expect to fail.  Now that you know this little secret, you are in the perfect position to begin successfully attracting what you want and the money you need to have it.

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