The Law of Attraction Plain and Simple


The Law of Attraction Plain and Simple

The law of attraction plain and simple dictates that whatever you focus the most energy on in your life, you will manifest. The Law of Attraction is not something you’re going to instantly understand or pick up on. It takes practice. Once you learn the tools to apply the law of attraction into your life, you will need to practice and use them consistently. You must challenge your very thought process every single day.

As W. Clement Stone once said, “What ever your mind can conceive it can also achieve.”

If you don’t believe the quote above, then you are making your reality exactly that. You are making your reality mean that you cannot achieve the very things that you believe. If you believe you can’t become a success – then you’ve just sealed your fate. YOU have to be your #1 fan.


Let’s put this another way. If you believe you have a great idea to succeed, but fear that you’re going to fail, then guess what? You – are – going – to – fail! Your fears become your beliefs. Your beliefs affect the Law of Attraction.

The law of attraction plain and simple says that if you believe, if you feel so passionately about something, you will attract it. If you believe that you’ll be late for work, and you focus all of your mental energy on thoughts related to being late for work, guess what? You are going to be late for work! It might sound silly at first, but everyone has been guilty of focusing their thoughts and energy on negative things. Do you want to continue doing that?

But even focusing on “I don’t want to be late for work”, or “I hope I don’t fail”, is attracting exactly that. The universe doesn’t care whether you want it or not, it’s the fact that you’re focusing on it that brings it about.

By focusing on exactly what you want in life and you will manifest exactly that. Do you need more money? Focus on more money and cheques coming into your life. Don’t stress and worry about the bills and the mortgage or else that is what you will attract.

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